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Fishing Trip Reports

Fishing Trip Reports

This site is dedicated to all the brave men and women, who against all odds and hostile weather conditions, work tirelessly, in their efforts to rescue fish from drowning.

Tuesday, 09 August 2016 19:27

Open Day

Written by

season 2016-17 off to a great start at Penstock Lagoon

With a nice bag of browns, Cool but very calm day.


IMG 0401


IMG 0404


IMG 0411


IMG 0416

Tuesday, 09 August 2016 13:21

Break O'day Multi species comp

Written by
Break O'day Sports Angling Club multispecies comp
With wet weather having postponed the initial compe-
tition date, and Georges Bay still heavily discoloured
with sediment laden run
off from Mount Victoria, it
was with a certain lack of expectation that anglers from
Quamby, Van Diemen’s and the local Break O’Day clubs
took to the water on the weekend.
Travelling down Friday the visitors were treated to an
almost perfect winter’s day on the Saturday and a small flotilla of din-
ghies scurried around the bay testing trusted spots and searching out
new ones in the difficult water conditions. With Sunday looking doubtful
anglers were keen to make the most of the day and a host of species
were caught both on fly and with lures, from close to town to the barway
wall. Surface action was sporadic and you really needed to be in the right
spot at the crucial time and maximise your chances.
The day of competition dawned overcast and with the threat of strong
easterlies it was best to be on the water early. Again the salmon
and couta tormented with quick flurries and Quamby scored well in the
mouth of Moulting Bay, before the action was over and prospecting be-
came the preferred method. Amazingly the weather held off and we en-
joyed a BBQ courtesy of van Diemen’s, tucked in to Beauty Bay as we scrutinised the scores.
Once again the variety of species taken surprised, especially with the garfish failing to show. In all, 10 differ-
ent species were taken, 7 of them on the fly (we definitely are getting better at this!)
Quamby had the two best scoring fish; a 460mm couta and a 370mm salmon both taken on the fly for 920
and 740 points respectively. In all Quamby caught 8 different species, with 4 on the flyrod. Break O’Day
caught 6 species, also with 4 taken by fly. Van Diemen’s scored a total of 2715 points with 5 species, 3 on fly,
an impressive percentage. That early bust up in Moulting Bay might just have made the difference with
Quamby shading Break O’Day; 3985 points to 3400.
During the BBQ there were typical fishermen’s tales of the ones that got away, of what should’ve and
might’ve been, but perhaps the best thing was the consensus that we need to do this more often. We all
have new theories to put to the test, innovative tactics to apply and spots to try. Each time we fish these
challenges we learn a little more and push our knowledge and skills a little bit further.
We extended an open invitation for clubs or individuals to come and visit any time and received invites to
the lakes later in the year.
Once again the variety of species taken surprised, especially with the garfish failing to show. In all, 10 differ-
ent species were taken, 7 of them on the fly (we definitely are getting better at this!)
Quamby had the two best scoring fish; a 460mm couta and a 370mm salmon both taken on the fly for 920
and 740 points respectively. In all Quamby caught 8 different species, with 4 on the flyrod. Break O’Day
caught 6 species, also with 4 taken by fly. Van Diemen’s scored a total of 2715 points with 5 species, 3 on fly,
an impressive percentage. That early bust up in Moulting Bay might just have made the difference with
Quamby shading Break O’Day; 3985 points to 3400.
During the BBQ there were typical fishermen’s tales of the ones that got away, of what should’ve and
might’ve been, but perhaps the best thing was the consensus that we need to do this more often. We all
have new theories to put to the test, innovative tactics to apply and spots to try. Each time we fish these
challenges we learn a little more and push our knowledge and skills a little bit further.
We extended an open invitation for clubs or individuals to come and visit any time and received invites to
the lakes later in the year.
Oh, and as winners the next barbie’s on Quamby.
Club Break O’Day
Only best scoring fish for each species recorded
Fish size
Nett Points
Purple Wrasse
Total species
Total Points
Club Van Diemen
Only best scoring fish for each species recorded
Fish size
Nett Points
Leather Jacket
Purple Wrasse
Total species
Total Points
Club Quamby
Only best scoring fish for each species recorded
Fish size
Nett Points
Purple Wrasse
Total species
Total Points
St Helens 4
St Helens 11
St Helens 26
St Helens 42
St Helens 49
St Helens 62
St Helens 63
St Helens 66
St Helens 79

scrutinised the scores

Great Lake veteran Tony Wadley had been pushing for months for a club trip to Great

Lake. Fellow Great Lake fan Dave Riordan was also very keen because he loves autumn

fishing on Great Lake but the remainder of the club was …... well ….... No!

Maybe it was silly little things like no water in the lake and nowhere to launch your boat

that contributed to this luke warm attitude but …..?????

Luckily Grant Flowers showed true Presidential leadership and joined Tony and Dave in

Dave's boat at Swan Bay on a magnificent day – sunny, light breeze, comfortable

temperature – just gorgeous.

Boat launching wasn't too bad although we might as well have driven one of the utes

across the lake as taken the boat. The lake level was pretty low.

All this aside it was a great day, we caught some pretty good fish had a few laughs,

convinced Grant that Great Lake is a pretty good fishing destination and most importantly

got to say:

“You should have been here yesterday”

Now it would be easy to bore club members with the details of the day but all everyone

really wants to know is ….. How do you catch fish on Great Lake? So what follows is a

detailed list of all the special techniques and secrets gathered by Tony and Dave after

years of Great Lake fishing experience and put into expert practice.




Preparation for fishing Great Lake is critical and nothing is more critical than ensuring

there are no bananas in the boat! Trout have a sixth sense (the lateral line) and they can

sense if there are bananas in a boat or even if the fishermen have consumed bananas.

Even wearing banana coloured underpants can be enough to turn the fish off the bite.



While on the water you must drink lots of good quality coffee. Trout can sense the lack of

caffeine through the line and will not bight. This was well demonstrated to Grant early in

the day. Dave made him an Italian Espresso and soon after Grant caught a nice browny.

Later in the afternoon Grant was again offered a coffee but he declined and didn't catch

any more fish. If that isn't conclusive, scientific proof that fish can smell coffee, then I don't

know what is!



Boat Handling

Grant made a number of comments throughout the day about Dave's poor boat handing.

Going the wrong direction, having the boat pointed the wrong way, going too slow, running

aground, etc. What Grant didn't realise is that these are all special techniques. At any one

time there are only ever 10 catchable fish in Great Lake. Your aim is to get them to come

to your boat so you can catch them. No bananas and drinking coffee are two critical

factors. Driving your boat slowly is the next most critical because it allows the fish to keep

up with you as you move so they can be caught at your next fishing location. Running

aground and pointing the wrong way make the fish laugh, relaxing them and making them

easier to catch.




As Tony demonstrated being able to make short, inaccurate casts is critical. The fish are

following your boat so there is no need to cast long distances. Grant persisted with long

laser like casts with tight loops – rooky error!


Wind Knots

As any Great Lake veteran will verify, you will severely handicap yourself if you don't have

at least five wind knots in your tippet – preferably in your fly line as well.Wind knots add a

vibration to the line that assists your presentation and excites the fish. Grant was having a

lot of trouble getting wind knots in his line. He gave his rod to Dave for a few minutes while

he had a leak and Dave added the required number. Your welcome Grant.


Keeping Your Eye on Your Fly

As Tony demonstrated a number of times – this is nonsense. Tony caught four lovely fish

and most were caught while he was looking at the other end of the boat or sorting out a

tangle. Trout hide just under the water waiting for you to look away before striking your fly.

It is much more productive to use Tony's technique and not look at your fly at all.


Keeping Contact with Your Fly

Again nonsense. As Tony demonstrated all day, large spaghetti like coils of fly line lying

tangled on the water is the most effective way to hook a fish.


Fly on the Water

A long held theory is that you cannot catch a fish if the fly isn't on the water. Total

nonsense. Tony spent more time changing flies, trying to tie knots, having a cuppa and

finding lost bits and pieces than he did actually fishing. The fish can sense this and, like

today, take pity on the fly fisherman. They will then wait patiently until you are sorted and

actually make a cast before gulping down your fly.



By skilled and disciplined application of the above techniques, Tony was able to catch four

fish to Grant's one and Dave was able to demonstrate the rare gift of a truly great Great

Lake fishing guide. There is much to learn about fishing Great Lake and as Grant

discovered, years of competition angling often teaches you bad habits.

Go fish Great Lake – it is a fabulous and very productive lake, if not a bit shallow!

PS: we dragged olive green wets above the weed beds and along the drop-offs

QFFC spent 3 days at a member shack at Cramps Bay for the annual 'Tie and Try' fishing weekend.
The aim of the trip was to introduce members to fly tying and then to try out their fly on a variety of
lakes throughout the highlands. Seven club members and a 'mainlander' attended and by all
accounts a good weekend was had by all.



Dave Riordan and Steve Aitken (the mainlander) tried to get a cheats start on the Friday but were delayed by a dead boat battery. Following a Formula 1 pit-stop style battery exchange with the assistance of Dave's wife Andrea, they headed to Penstock.
Dave managed six fish including a very nice brown trout. All were caught on Royal Wulffs.
Following a very complicated process of self-assessment, Dave declared this effort made him the
greatest fly fisherman of all time. This assessment had to be later revised as he blanked the rest of the weekend. He was last seen lying under the kitchen table in the foetal position, clutching his fly rod, sucking his thumb and sobbing.


Steve was under the false impression that he had come to Tasmania to fish. That evening he was put to work on the roast and did an exquisite job preparing and cooking roast lamb and veggies for all.
Well done Steve! Also well done for winning the Nant Distillery prize for the most scotch whiskey
ever drunk by a cook.


The rest of the participants arrived in the early evening. Bed spots were a premium with the floor
and shed littered with bodies. Beer drinking and trying to decide where to fish the following day
consumed the evening meaning that no flies were tied.



Everyone split up between three boats and headed for Little Pine.
Josh Flowers and Chris King led the way and Josh caught a couple of fish on wets and nymphs
Dave, Gerald Arnold and Steve tried hard but only Steve caught a fish. Congratulations must go
to Gerald for winning the Grace Bros Removals prize for the most fishing gear ever loaded in a
boat. Gerald also won the Mazda Motor Corporation prize for the most gear left in the car. Well


Grant Flowers, Tony Wadley and Mark Sutton drifted around the eastern bank and Grant and
Tony managed a few fish.
The fishing was tough. Mr President (Grant) gave a very technically detailed and logical
presentation on why this was so and therefore why we needed to change lakes. We were all
captivated and in awe that the great man would share his infinite wisdom with us. Luckily there was a smart phone on record able to capture his great speech. Here it s word for word …......

“This is stuffed. I'm going to Penstock” . Wow! So we all followed.
At Penstock Tony Wadley caught up with Malcolm French and fished in his boat. They caught
some nice fish and one very nice brown. The whooping and hollering could be heard from Hobart.
Come on guys a bit of restraint – we are fly fisherman after all!
Grant and Chris fished hard and Grant caught a few more. Chris had his chances but was unlucky
all day. All in attendance agreed that Grant's netting skills needed improvement.
Steve had recovered from all the whiskey and caught a nice fish. Gerald was still digesting the
lamb roast and found it difficult to concentrate. Dave was lost under Gerald's fishing gear. He
could only communicate with the others by turning the electric motor on and off with the remote.
On meant 'yes', off meant 'no'.


That evening Malcolm joined the group at Cramps Bay and proceeded to win the Playboy Mansion
prize for his magnificent bed in the shed. A complex layering of swags, blow up mattresses and
blankets saw an exact replica of Hugh Heffner's water bed created. Well done Malcolm, well done.


After dinner some fly tying instruction was provided by Grant and Josh. Mark Sutton tied some
masterpieces while Tony Wadley was awarded the Red Bull prize for keenest pupil.





Sunday was a very bright, sunny day and after much deliberation, boats went to a variety of lakes.
Grant / Chris / Gerald and Dave / Steve went to Arthur's. Grant caught a fish and had a few
takes. Dave / Steve blew it all off, hid out of the wind and drank coffee.
Tony / Malcolm went to Great Lake but had no luck. Josh / Mark went to Pine Tier Lagoon and hit pay dirt. Mark caught two fish while Josh went mad and caught 15. Well done.
But no photos!! In fact throughout the weekend there was a considerable lack of fish photos. So did anyone catch anything at all??? There have been a few spouses asking that question!
Boat crewing was also raised as an issue.

Grant / Chris / Gerald in the one boat meant that the
president, a vice president, secretary and treasurer were all in the one boat on Sunday! Had they
sunk or been attacked by a Jaws like browny, their loss would have left a political vacuum in the
club. What would then follow is a factional fight for power with the ultra right wing 'dry fly only'
faction struggling against the more moderate and liberal 'wets fill nets' faction. It could tear the club apart! The consequences are too frightening to contemplate. Please make sure all the committee isn't in the one boat in future.
As everyone packed up and left for home it was agreed it was a pretty good weekend. 40+ fish
caught, lots learned off the masters - Grant and Josh, lots of laughs and good company. Should we do it again next year? Heck yeah!

Disclaimer: The facts surrounding the weekend may have been altered, exaggerated or ignored in order to make a good story.

Friday, 06 November 2015 12:05

Piengana streams

Written by

1st November afternoon on the little streams in Piengana. Had a great time polaroiding little browns up to 30cm, Most taken on dry fly and some on the nymph, first 2 hours netted 14 then the next 2 hours only 2 in the net then the last hour got 7 all on dries. lots of funPB010169PB010171PB010173PB010176PB010178

Wednesday, 28 October 2015 12:47

Blackmans Lagoon October 18th

Written by

As the weather forecast was for bright clear skies Blackmans Lagoon trip was diverted to Arthurs lake, There was 5 anglers and 3 boats, Start of the day there was a nice south westerly breeze that by 10;30am turned due east, There was only 2 fish landed 1 very small brown which was released and a nice excellent condition 1.75lb brown that went home with us. The woolybuggers got some attention but mostly taps and rattles, Shrek hooked up the small one and a claret Nymph hooked up the larger fish also dropped one and another solid hit that didn't stick. it was a nice day but fishing was very tough.PA180167

Monday, 29 June 2015 20:42

Cramps Bay Club Trip

Written by


To view report see attachment below.

Monday, 27 April 2015 14:29

Mersey River Club Trip

Written by

On Saturday 18th April some members fished the Mersey River, with 6 members present there were a good number of fish caught. All fish caught using dry flies of various patterns.

A great day enjoyed by all!



Mark with his first fish from the Mersey.

Thursday, 05 February 2015 15:36

Best Brownie 2014

Written by

Caught in Canal Bay, Great Lake during the Cramps Bay classic. Which resulted in being the largest fish and won the competiotion.


Monday, 29 December 2014 15:19

WOODS LAKE November 2014

Written by

Club trip to Woods lake 2014 was attended by 12 members all camping for at least one night. The Friday was very strong winds and nobody went out, saturday wind south to west to North easterly swings and patchy cloud and Sunday was overcast to bright with south east to easterly winds. between everyone there was 44 fish landed, water temp was 13 to 14degC.

The fish that were kept and cleaned had mudeyes, snails, stick caddis, stonefly, nymphs, and caddis grubs. Fish were caught by dry fly to stone fly feeders and dunn feeders, wet flies pulled slow to pulled very fast and static nymphing also worked. Duck fly, Claret Dabler, Shrek, brown Nymph,  and Yoshi Bugger were the best flies.

Camping was fun as always with some feasts cooked up and the usual hard luck stories about the big one that got away.



and some not lasting long in the evening after a big days fishing dropping off to sleep beside the camp fire.


Monday, 17 November 2014 18:52

George River Piengana

Written by

Had a couple of hours up the George river at Piengana on the long weekend in November. Found a few nice fish, They wouldnt take the dry but with persaverence got some to take a nymph. The water was very cold but a nice flow. Windy weather and patchy cloud.P1010195P1010196P1010197P1010198

Thursday, 30 October 2014 20:29

Lake Leake Club Trip 2014

Written by

On Friday 10th October Ricky, Scotty, Chris, Grant and Myself headed off to Lake Leake for the weekend. Grant and I arrived midafternoon and setup camp before heading out for a few hours fishing late afternoon, which resulted in myself managing to boat a little brown. After returning to the camp to find Ricky and Scotty had been fishing all afternoon to have only had a couple of fish come to the fly, we thought that it may be a difficult weekends fishing.

Saturday morning Grant and I hit the water a bit after 8am with there being a slight breeze present which was good to see. The brown that I caught the previous day had been feeding on stick caddis, so I setup with a floating line and small stick caddis patterns. Not long fishing I then had one on and in the boat, then Grant had one on soon after.

Lake Leake 1

At lunch we meet at Malcom Frenchs shack for a BBQ and a chat, with Mark and Tony also being present at lunch. At lunch Grant and I were the only ones to have caught fish with having boated 3 between us. In the afternoon we headed back out to see if we could find some more fish but only managed to get one more boated.

Lake Leake 3

Sunday morning was relatively windy so we packed up camp and headed home. The best technique for the weekend was static or slow retrieve on floating line with small flies with an orange hot spot.


Lake Leake

Sunday, 24 August 2014 10:34

Four Springs

Written by

Sunday 10th August, Dad and I managed to get a couple of hours fishing in late afternoon. Fishing was slow at first, then for about 40mins the fish turned on which saw a few fish boated from small good conditioned rainbows to bigger good fighting browns.

IMAG0141      IMAG0133

A couple of better browns.


Most preferred fly of the afternoon.

Friday, 13 December 2013 20:51


Written by

Well where do i start, Ricky, Blake, Scotty, Jarrod, Peter, Grant and I all travelled up on the Friday night, Then we played our usual game of cards then to bed, when we woke up the next morning we found to be snow, rain and windy and to find Ricky's boat under water and sitting on the bottom and after we had a laugh we headed out fishing and we found the fish in and around the trees and in the strap weed it was fun if you could keep them on unlike me but  Grant on the other hand had no trouble half the time I thought he had weed on but it was another fish Saturday was good fishing but not sure about Sunday Grant and I went home Saturday night but i did hear that Ricky went to get out of his camper Saturday night and spilt his toe and hurt his wrist.

woods r

Rickys boat full of water,

Monday, 07 October 2013 22:27

Lake Leak October 2013

Written by

Tony, Malcolm Trev & Eve went up on friday the 4th set up camp ready for an early start saturday morning only to wake up to gale force winds and not fishable, we got there late Saturday evening set camp and enjoyed a nice warm evening around the fire pot. Sunday morning started with a hearty breakfast  for us, Trev and Eve got on the water early but found only a few oncers taking smutt, Roger and John arrived to fish off the shore. We headed out on the water, looked good a nice southerly breeze exept water was quite mirky from the wind the day before, nice cloud cover and that is about as good as it got, Josh had a follow from a good sized brown and the rest of us not even a touch, so in for a lunch time barbie at Malcolms shack and a chinwag. After lunch there was only 5 keen enough to give it another try and the rest went home,( 9 attended the trip good turn out) the afternoon started off the same as the morning exept the breeze had turned Easterly and a little stronger

Pic 1006 002

but with persaverance we finally started to get a couple of grabs, then a small rainbow finally broke the blank, then a shorttime later Mick a first timer at fly fishing snaged a nice brown close to 3 pound, then a couple of casts later i was on and soon off again, then a half a dozen casts later finaly another nice brown of about 2 pounds in the boat then it all stopped it was getting rather cold so we headed home. there were only 3 fish landed for the trip.

Pic 1006 003

Friday, 07 December 2012 17:40

woods lake club trip 2012

Written by

woods lake trip 2012

This club trip was held on November 17th + 18th, there were 8 club members attending and camping, most arrived on the friday evening setting up camp and settling down for the evening to a few coldies and a cook up as it was blowing a gale straight into shore out of the west we didnt launch any boats until the next morning. 


Monday, 22 October 2012 18:19


Written by





October 14 2012 club trip to Lake Leak attended by 8 people.


Monday, 06 June 2016 09:52

big dusky

Written by
Sunday, 04 August 2013 19:32

Opening Morning on the Pine

Written by

HI Everyone,

                  I hope opening went well for all. I fished the Pine. We didn't get on the Lagoon till about 8:45am. Things were pretty quiet for a while just a couple up to the fly on the hang. After an hour or so I hooked on in front of the toilet on the road shore, it was just a slight tap on the hang. Around lunchtime we started getting hits on the strip at the dam end. We ended up with 4. Kept 3, their condition was ok for this time of the year. Shreck variants were the flies of the day. The snow, wind and rain tested us all day. But that is what fishing is.

Brian Youd

Sunday, 20 January 2013 11:46

fishing trip lake kay

Written by

Allan and myself arived at the carpark about 10am and was on the water about  11am . Lake kay looked to be very shallow .I have never fished kay but was told it is very soft under foot and to be carefull or i could be swimming . It may have been soft and shallow but the fishing was good both of us caught fish .                         Flys that we both used where red tag , f fly, dun  .

Sunday, 04 November 2012 22:20

Two Days on the mountain

Written by

A friend of mine from Vic has come over for a short holiday over the long weekend and we have aranged two days of fishing. He and his son had done the late dawn patrol at the Pine, a few sighted but no luck. We all and Terry met at the boat ramp and proceeded to motor up the lake, a little windy and cool, a perfect day for dragging wets on wet lines.

The session started a little slow with a few hits and takes. We finished the day with Vic 3 fish and Tassie 3 fish. Broke a few, lost a few but had a good time with good compay. Sunday we ventured into 7lb bay the Cowpaddock for about 4 hrs.

The weather was better than the day before but the fishing a little slow still dragging wets. Finished the day with 5 or 6 plus let a couple go. And as it goes, missed a few, lost a few. But another great day. Poplar flies for the days were Shreck type flies, Tom Jones variants and flashy large marabou flies, even the Doobry nailed a couple.

Many different retrieves found fish and the fish were still suckers for the hang.


B. Youd

Wednesday, 29 August 2012 17:51

Bronte Lagoon open Day

Written by


If you woke up open day intending to go to Brante Lagoon and saw the mountain looking like this you probably wouldnt go thank goodness that this was on the monday following.


cold fingers, probably had something to do with the snow and sleet scuds that kept coming every half hour or so at least there was some sun inbetween at times for a little warm up.


first hour or so not a lot of action actualy we thaught we should be somewhere else


with the water temp at only 3deg c fish takes were mainly fairly soft


managed a couple of reasonable quality fish for the day made the trip worth while.


Back to the ramp which is probably one of the best facilities in the central highlands and clean the catch , best fly for the day was the olive body brown tail beadhead woolybugger.



Sunday, 08 April 2012 22:39

Three Arm Lake

Written by


Hi all, I and two of my fishing mates aimed to hike into Three Arm Lake from Lake Ada, we estimate about 20 km. After reaching Lake silver(5hrs walking) fom crossing the creek from Lake Antimony(boots & trousers off & freezing water). We decided to make the western side of Lake Silver our base camp as we were a little fatigued.





We fished Lake Silver late afternoon. Dug missed one first cast on the dry and had several other small ones splash around his fly. Dug also found a couple tailing at the top end shallows but had no luck.


On evening a 1 3/4 lb brown took my floating red head black possum tail blob which was netted and coupled with a pasta side dish for dinner. Rob traversed the rest of the lake with no sucess.




An early start next morning and Dug's compass and laminated map got us to Three Arm Lake around lunch time. Fishing and polaroiding the eastern arm only one fish was sighted. While seated on a rock in the main part of the lake above a heavily scrubed water's edge Rob watched a brown of 4lbs + swim past but was unable to get a cast in.

I cast a GI beatle along the shore over a steep drop off, then to look up and see a boil where my fly was,  lifting the rod got two kicks out a good fish before the fly pulled out. No more fish were sighted in Three Arm Lake.






We headed east to Lake Rotuli mid afternoon. After a steep decent and Rob catching & releasing a small brown we crossed the middle of Rotuli in knee deep water. After fishing a small evening rise at Lake Rotuli, having some take but no hook ups, we headed back to base camp at Lake Silver.


Rob, after dark caught a nice brown for dinner, on a Hair's Ear & Black. No more fish were caught. 9:00am Good Friday,packed up and headed out on our 5hr hike back to the car. A hard slog in the heat.





We had a great trip, the base camp we had was sheltered and had Currawongs, Wattlebirds, Parrots and a friendly possum. the fishing would be better in early parts of summer as the insect life was minimal and the full moon didn't help.

Some fitness training wouldn't be missed on the next hike. I will try to load some more photos over the next few days. cheers Brian.

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